New year, new us. No, really!

A new year, new projects, time to set new bases.
That is, a new website!

We proudly announce the launch of our new website. To get to know us better, we wrote a few words about Peripatos, our history, and our mission and for the first time we have brought together all our partnerships with the various public and private organizations. On the same page you will see our refreshed team both with new members and with good, old colleagues.

Based on our experience so far, we have made a rearrangement of our provided services into two main categories, Cultural Heritage Management and Consultancy, and Cultural Activities. On the Services page, we have also included some of the projects we have completed since our establishment in 2015. Projects, that have taught us a lot and traveled us in places within and out of Greece.

In our News page you will read the developments of the past year and will be updated of our activities. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter (you will find the contact form in the footer section) to receive our news to your email. We know how overloaded everyone’s inbox is, so we send emails only when there’s something really interesting we think you should not miss it. For the rest we have our social media.

However, our biggest change is not the redesign of our website; it is actually our need for a new approach to our work with new goals and new methods.

We continue to provide a holistic approach to services and partnerships that covers cultural organizations’ need for development, sustainability, and interaction with new audiences. At the same time we emphasize the relationship between culture and society and the local community. We think of culture as that collective expression of the arts, sciences, and nature as found in society’s perceptions, behavior, traditions, creations, monuments. From now on society/community is not a part of our projects, but becomes a core element of our project planning.

Hence, a sociocultural enterprise!

That’s it from us! We look forward to your opinion and suggestions and we will be back soon with more news on fresh projects.


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