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Diadrasis is a Greek non – profit organization dedicated to the conservation, research, promotion and development of culture and heritage through interaction. Our continuously growing team of passionate people from all over the world “does, collaborates, learns and shares”, exploring the unlimited possibilities of learning by doing! Main areas of action: training, research, publication and public awareness.

The Exile Museum was founded in 1988. It was based on the vision of former exiles in the islet of Ai Stratis and other places of detention to create a space where modern political history would be rescued and promoted; focusing on the institution of exile, political persecution and violation of human rights.

Laboratory of Museology, Protection, Rehabilitation and Development of Cultural Resources (museums, monuments, etc.), Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology – Ionian University

The Laboratory aims: The coverage in undergraduate and postgraduate level teaching and research needs of the Department and other departments of the Ionian University in matters concerning  the Laboratory’s activity, developing curricula and conducting basic and applied research. Moreover, any type of cooperation with research centers and academic institutions and other domestic and foreign, since the scientific objectives coincide, consistent and complementary with those of the Laboratory. Finally, the organization of scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events, as well as making publications and presentations and invited Greek and foreign recognized scientists.

CReatures were born in January 2010. Looking towards showing them their desire for innovation and love for creation, providing solutions for promotions, and for effective action by using new technologies. Suggesting subversive ideas simultaneously become partakers of ideas, catapulting them with their perfect realization. Among other active video production, having already to their credit collaborations with institutions like or General Secretariat.

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