Theodora Tsitoura

Theodora Tsitoura (Greece, 1986) has an academic background in the fields of International & European Economic studies (BA in Athens University of Economics and Business), and in Heritage Management (MA in University of Kent and AUEB – joint degree). Her master’s field study was placed in Bosnia Herzegovina, and it was concerning the Sarajevo 92-95 war dark heritage, management, tourism and interpretation issues.

She has professional experience both in Greece and abroad, as project coordinator in the “Pithari-Exarcheia 2015” project, which aimed to promote the local landmarks of Exarcheia district through ethnographic research; and as research assistant in Istanbul Bilgi University, with main tasks the historical research on the demographic characteristics of the Eastern Thrace Greek villages imposed on forced population exchange, and the formation of main management proposals for the Hadımköy station museum.

She is currently contributing as BBB Ambassador in Balkans Beyond Borders (NGO), and working as project manager in Agoni Grammi Gonimi environmental projects.

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