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Heritage Management

Our vision is to promote “cultural identity” in which we are called to display an image that extends beyond the ethnographic evidence. By adopting innovative models – concerning conception, organisation and design – we aim at a type of cultural management that will stand out in the contemporary environment, while overproducing cultural assets.
Public research, interviews and questionnaires can be useful methodological tools for the effective public outreach.

Cultural Activities

•Cultural events organisation  • Museological Studies • Curating

Via appropriate methods and tools, giving priority to the quality and time. Thus, we provide the opportunity to anyone interested – whether operating in the private or public sector – to cope with the cultural market requirements and consequently, lead to efficient corporate management by creating a dynamic communication with the public.


 • Cultural • Geo-cultural • Urban Routes

Our company designs cultural, geo – cultural and urban routes, depending on the specificity of each area, in order to increase quality tourism and visitation. πeripatos, aims to spread the network of routes and also offers this service in digital format so as to achieve better and more substantial cultural and natural experience, always respecting the cultural goods. Cultural routes can be either designed according to the needs of individuals as well as for groups.

Educational Programmes

We organise cultural seminars and lifelong learning activities to anyone that wishes to participate actively in culture. Peripatos’ priority is to organise educational programmes and cultural camps that cover various age groups. Through creative and recreational activities – such as dance, crafts, construction, dramatic play and experiential workshops – we enable the child and the parent to come into contact with their culture and emerge their aesthetic expression. Our programmes are addressed at schools and other cultural spaces for individual students and adults or groups.

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