Our History

We launched peripatos in 2015 with the aim of applying contemporary practices and innovative approaches in disseminating and managing cultural heritage. Peripatos was born on a journey, on a beach, with good friends, with enthusiasm and fresh ideas for a participatory and sustainable cultural experience. 2019 was an essential year for us! Changes were made and new goals were set.

Over the years, Peripatos has evolved, renewed, traveled far, embraced by people and filled with stories. Every project we undertake is a new destination for us, and our partnerships to date have proven to be our greatest success.

So Peripatos’ story continues and we invite you to be part of it

Our mission

Our mission is inspired by Aristotle’s Philosophical Peripatetic (=walking) School. A promenade in the various forms of culture, accompanied by the local community, active citizens, experienced professionals, social and cultural actors and people with passion about History, traditions, Arts and nature, so as together to discover new ways to understand and practice culture.

We seek to promote and manage the socio-cultural heritage, since a cultural element is not completely understood outside the social frame that shaped it and there is no group, community or society lacking cultural creation and creativity. Nature is always present completing the triptych that forms our work. Our projects are of cultural nature and express the values ​​of the community that hosts them with respect to the place and its environment. At the same time, our services are customised so as to add value to the partnering institution today, as well as long term.

Our Team


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